Trueway Insurance

UX in the insurance industry

A platform to control sales and improve decision-making in the insurance sector.

Trueway Insurance is a leading company in the insurance business in Latin America, offering different solutions to its clients. We work together with them to design a new platform based on the internal tasks of the company to improve the process of sales control and decision making.

Applied methodologies

Benchmarking, User & Product discovery, Backend implementation, Frontend implementation, Usability testing. Information Achitecture, prototyping.


1 Project manager

1 Product designer

1 Full Stack developer


UX/UI Design


Content Management


Product Discovery,

UX Architecture,

Design System,


We started



The challenge was to transfer the main tasks in the logistics of sales and administration of the software previously managed by the company to improve it and transfer it to a high digital level with applied UI/UX values.

The application contains account statements, sales information, customer data, input stock management, tools for business evaluation and the generation of new quotes for sale.

"Working with Salta & Vuela was very interesting. They provided methodologies to understand management software problems and allowed us to have very interesting improvements, which the team was able to transform into useful and beautiful screens."
Jose Angel Lamazares
Product Owner at Trueway Insurance

A Little Bit UX & Code.

We identify the main weaknesses in usability between vendors and software to improve it and translate it into a high-level digital experience.

Main take aways

​​User testing results were successful, proving the new User Journey worked better, improving the User Experience in general.

Next Project


Branding   *  Design System  *  Prototype

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