Thinking the best process to find your new car

A platform that clearly exposes all the aspects you need when buying a car

We had to think of a new way to organise all the information that Cartienda had in their website, according of what the final users are looking for.

Applied methodologies

Benchmarking, User & Product discovery, Usability testing, Information Achitecture, prototyping.


1 Project manager

1 UX/UI Designer


UX/UI Design

Content Management


Product Discovery,

UX Architecture,

Design System.

Users First

First and foremost we needed to create a platform based on the users and their needs. We had to understand these users and the market.


With the user in mind we created a new platform that managed to reach a balance between ads and clean search.


When the user searchs for a new car, they get the chance to access more information.


We added a personalized experience for the users that decided to log in.


We organized the filters so its easier for the user to find what he is looking for.

Libraries and collaborative work

We created a design system by breaking-down different components into small elements to help our workflow. With this approach, we built a structure that was coherent through the site on desktop and mobile.

The Result

​​User testing results were successful, proving the new User Journey worked better, improving the User Experience in general.

Next Project


Branding   *  Design System  *  Prototype

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